Alarm sharing within evalink talos

evalink talos will allow you to share information about an alarm via external channels like E-Mail, SMS or Slack. 

When you include the variable  {{ alarmShareLink() }} in a message evalink talos will replace it with a signed link that is valid for 60min. Anyone receiving this link will be able to temporarily access information about the alarm including attachment like audio or video data (if applicable)

To control the validity of the link add the following argument and provide the desired time in minutes:

 {{ alarmShareLink(valid=120) }}

  1. Set up an automated workflow

  2. Use any messaging feature (SMS, E-Mail, Slack)

  3. Choose to send a custom text and include the  {{ alarmShareLink() }} 

  4. Talos will send the link whenever the workflow is triggered. 


Workflow to send an SMS to a phone including the link to the alarm.

1 Alert! Burglar alarm at Site Sitasys AG, {{ device.customerStreet }} in {{ device.customerCity }}
2 Follow this link for more information:
3 {{ alarmShareLink() }}

SMS received on phone