How AF Security uses the NXGEN integration in evalink talos for event and alarm management

AF Security offers its customers a wide range of security solutions, including installation, monitoring, and intervention across Germany. Looking for new ways to expand their services to customers, Luca Loizzi, AF Security's surveillance center manager, and his operators-team realized that their operating system presented several challenges they needed to overcome. 

For example, system maintenance did not meet expectations, causing increased stress in alarm processing when manufacturers made updates or introduced new product lines. In addition, AF Security NSL was repeatedly confronted with limitations in sales, as the sales team came up with new service requirements and their own ideas, which, however, could not be mapped with the previous solution. Also, the integration of new manufacturers proved to be highly cumbersome.  

Alarm management, but more efficient 

Since 2021, AF Security's emergency call and service control center has now made its core processes more efficient and intuitive – thanks to the benefits of the cloud-to-cloud event and alarm management platform for video and intrusion detection systems, which is enabled by the integration of NXG GENESIS with evalink talos. 

The NXG GENESIS integration allows monitoring of cloud-based video streams from multiple cameras, creating workflows, and managing alarms and events through intelligent integration with the cloud-based alarm management platform evalink talos. All are certified with the highest security standards available on the market. Today, AF Security manages all events and alarms from a single user interface. In intelligent interaction with additional options such as remote switching of IO contacts or other sensor technology, the standard video surveillance solutions, and intrusion detection technologies of the innovative NSL enable more flexible and innovative security concepts – regardless of the manufacturer. 

Within the framework of the high-quality standards, it also played an essential role to build on a system that takes customer support seriously. "We need to be sure that any problems will be dealt with reliably and promptly. We were looking for a real partner who would be happy to onboard our ideas and wishes and come back to us with creative solutions," says Luca Loizzi.  

Embarking on full digitalization with zero downtime 

Thanks to the cloud architecture of NXG GENESIS and evalink talos, the AF Security control center was able to introduce the new solution effortlessly and set up a test environment at short notice. AF Security operators could get up and running almost instantly with just a few clicks – only by using their browser. The variety of functions, the evident user environment, and the wide range of integrations that the integration in evalink talos entails immediately convinced the AF Security NSL and made the operators enjoy their work again.

On the NXGEN side, the team provided optimal support to AF Security Group's NSL during the migration so that the control center was live with the new system within a few days. The team quickly felt at home in the new working environment and enjoys being able to concentrate on the essentials again: Efficient alarm processing.  

By detecting alarms and critical events early and automating processes, AF Security NSL operators now no longer waste valuable time handling false alarms. Moreover, by filtering false alarms using AI-based alarm filtering, which AF Security NSL has opted for, its alarm processing efficiency is greatly increased. 

Enabling future-proof security services and accelerating business growth 

After an impressively short learning curve and familiarization phase for AF Security's control center, which was in no small part due to the intuitive user interface, the team is already working on new service packages to serve existing customers better and attract new ones. Luca Loizzi's field report confirms that the NXG GENESIS integration in evalink talos is an effective tool that allows innovative security providers like AF Security to operate much more efficiently with a very lean cost structure.   

"The wide range of options that we can unite under one platform opens up completely new potentials for us," says Luca Loizzi. "The high flexibility of cloud-to-cloud integration makes it possible to work in a much more creative and customer-oriented way. NXG GENESIS will be an important asset for us to accelerate our growth." 

This article was written based on the interview with Mr. Luca Loizzi, head of AF Security's emergency call and service control center, which was originally published by our partner NXGEN Technology. Read the original article here.