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Canton Zug and, thus, the living conditions of its residents through its work, Zug's building construction department every day contributes to an appealing, livable Canton that seeks to provide good living conditions for its inhabitants. Since assuring the security of the residents and employees of the Cantonal Administration plays an essential role in this process, the Canton of Zug brought a reliable and efficient security partner on board with evalink live by Sitasys AG about two years ago - and has not regretted this decision since. On the contrary, since going full-on evalink live, the installer team of Zug's building construction department has happily done every installation with the evalink ipTNA4i devices and evalink live. Wonder why? Keep reading. 

  • Headquarters: Zug
  • Company size: 2,500 employees
  • Business type: Installer

siworks to evalink. Essential for such an alternative is, of course, the costs as well as the simplification of the work. As an installer company, siworks would like to simplify the daily routines for its customers and itself.

  • Headquarters: Schindellegi
  • Company size: Medium
  • Business type: Installer

abacon was looking to optimize its processes and increase its customer experience. With Sitasys, abacon found a partner who could offer them these solutions and who is willing and able to consider their wishes.

  • Headquarters: Altstätten
  • Company size: Small
  • Business type: Security services

Swisscom used the independent INFRANET transmission system for direct alarm transmission to fire brigades and police until the end of 2012. In 2007 Swisscom decided to discontinue the INFRANET independent transmission system and replace it with the INFRANET IP digital transmission system, which uses the existing IP network for high-security alarm transmission.

  • Headquarters: Bern
  • Company size: Large
  • Business type: Telecoms