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abacon and evalink talos

Improving abacon's customer experience with a more flexible alarm management system.


abacon was looking to optimize its processes and increase its customer experience. With Sitasys, abacon found a partner who could offer them these solutions and who is willing and able to consider their wishes.

About Abacon

abacon offers security services from a single source. Its success is consistent quality through consistent adherence to targeted work processes, training, knowledge, and experience. As a quality-oriented and certified company, abacon prepares its approximately 100 employees for their tasks and thus masters the daily and various challenges in the security sector.


“To optimize our processes and increase the customer experience, abacon was looking for Sitasys, a partner who provides us with a very flexible alarm management system, takes our needs into account and opens the way to digitalization.” - Thomas Roth, Managing Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors at abacon.


Placing the customer at the center of abacon’s business with flexible and automated alarm management solution.

Sitasys provides abacon with an alarm management system, which allows flexible alarm management and communication efficiency as well as fully automated alarm processing. Customers can change action plans and intervention plans via a unique portal and get on-demand information about system performance and alarm processing. Installers are supported during commissioning and maintenance.

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