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Protectas and evalink talos

Mandatory connections via new transmission protocols and advance the automation of administrative processes.


To maintain its strong position in the security industry, Protectas’ goal is to achieve Operational Excellence. This means continuously improving their value chain and creating added value for their customers. Therefore, they choose to partner with Sitasys to offer to its customers' mandatory connections and connections via new transmission protocols, but also to advance the automation of administrative processes.

About Protectas

Protectas is a Swiss subsidiary of the world's leading Swedish security company, Securitas AB. From a broad range of specialized services in guarding, technology solutions and consulting and investigations, Protectas customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, and to deliver the most effective security solutions.


Direct and automated alarm transmission to fire brigades and police

Sitasys offers Protectas customers direct alarm transmission to fire brigades and police via its evalink talos platform. Additionally, Protectas benefits from the multitude of transmission protocols integrated into evalink and the automated administrative processes.


“With the evalink platform from Sitasys we were able to expand our digital transformation as well as that of our customers.” - Pascal Hulalka, Chief Technology Officer at Protectas.

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