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Swisscom and evalink talos

Swisscom guarantees highly secure alarm transmission at all times.


Swisscom used the independent INFRANET transmission system for direct alarm transmission to fire brigades and police until the end of 2012. In 2007 Swisscom decided to discontinue the INFRANET independent transmission system and replace it with the INFRANET IP digital transmission system, which uses the existing IP network for high-security alarm transmission.

About Swisscom

As a leading ICT company, Swisscom shapes the future of telecommunication and inspiring its customers with a reliable network, high-performance offerings, and excellent customer service.


Making Switzerland safer with highly secure alarm transmission to fire and police departments.

Since INFRANET was already developed and maintained by Ascom Public Safety (now Sitasys), Swisscom turned to Ascom Public Safety with the development of INFRANET IP. The INFRANET IP digital transmission system for Swisscom was developed and installed based on the existing AlarmLink digital transmission system. INFRANET IP has been in operation since mid-2011. Together with Swisscom, Sitasys guarantees highly secure alarm transmission at all times.


"Together with Sitasys, we have already made the step from analog to digital transmission in 2011 with the highly secure alarm transmission. For years we can rely on the stability and performance of AlarmLink / INFRANET IP and the support of Sitasys." - Emmanuel Lachat, Head of Alarming at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

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