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Find here all what you need to successfully launch evalink talos in your organization.

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New to evalink talos? On this page, you'll learn how to

  • Find your way around the evalink talos platform
  • Configure your account and global settings
  • Create and manage Sites, Schedules, and Contacts
  • Create workflows and trigger test alarms.

Workspace basics

2 min • Learn how to find your way through your new alarm management workspace.

Account configuration

Customize the user interface

2 min • Tailor evalink talos' audio settings, languages and appearances to your needs.

Update company profile

2 min • View your company information, change password and monitor user sessions.

Configure global settings

3 min • Configure global account settings to apply the same rules and templates across multiple workflows, contacts and schedules.

Invite Users

2 min • Invite users to your evalink talos account and manage their access level.

Sites and Site Groups

2 min • Learn more about what are Sites and/or Site Groups in evalink talos, create and manage your own.

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Need help?

Book a 1:1 session with our experts to help you configure workflows, connect with your existing systems, and give you the keys to making the most out of evalink talos for your security operations.


2 min • Watch how schedules applied to site and site groups can make your alarm management processes even more precise.

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