evalink live

The simple on-demand platform to connect alarm panels with monitoring centers.

evalink live provides installers with a set of tools to hook up new sites, order devices, and get resources from anywhere.

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How it works

Self-Guided Commissioning

Create new sites by entering information about alarm panels to connect, choose service options, order devices, set up properties, and view billing information. Once you complete your sales order, review and send quotes to your clients.

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Hands-free testing and certifications

evalink live guides you through all the transmission tests in real-time from the indicators that must be tested to testing outcomes. The connection status can be checked at any time. evalink live simplifies the communication between installers and monitoring centers by enabling you to test connections without the need to involve 3rd parties. evalink live automatically generates digitally signed certificates that guarantee you perfectly functioning alarm transmitters.

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Installer-centric platform

evalink live gives you transparency over the status and costs of your connections, view contracts, and automatically notify your clients of any changes. The platform lets you manage your customers and sites, order devices, and access a variety of support options and resources to get you started in no time.

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Less paperwork, better customer experiences

Connect new sites instantly

Connect more customers in less time and significantly reduce installation costs by simplifying sales orders, allowing remote testing, and managing sites from one single platform.

Ensure compliance

The evalink live platform is authorized and approved by the Swiss cantonal building insurances to directly connect objects to public monitoring centers like fire brigades or police departments.

Connect any protocols

In addition to the proprietary evalink protocol, evalink live offers the highest flexibility by supporting the most common standard protocols from the alarm industry including VdS 2465, FlexC, DC09, Chiron/IRIS and many more. Standard protocols provide additional security which can also be operated on the evalink ecosystem with all the additional benefits.

Get support and on-demand resources

Access on-demand resources and technical support for sales and customer support.
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Build new experiences, connect faster, and reach more customers.

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