evalink talos

Next level alarm management built for automation and scale

The fully managed alarm management platform you can use to automate repetitive tasks and have time for work that matters the most.

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The features you will want

Infinite workflow possibilities

evalink talos reduces unnecessary alarms and redundant notifications through automated workflows - specific and global for your sites and devices. Automatically notify the right teams in your workflows via SMS, automated calls, push notifications, etc.

Open platform

evalink talos open architecture supports almost every signal standard from devices and protocols like IoT and Z-Wave and use their signals as alarm sources. Sync data between different applications with Webhooks and integrate your preferred applications with API – seamless experience all the way.

Call management system

Add the call extension into your automated workflows which instantly alert the right resources by phone call or text message when alarms trigger. Combine the feature with user authentication to guarantee the highest available security. 


Log workflows and system activity are recorded in real-time and immediately available as shareable and customizable reports. Provide teams with detailed information about the nature of each alert and a transparent audit trail to meet compliance regulations.
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And more

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Be up-to-date, always

New updates or versions available? Don't worry; we'll take care of that. Get frequent features and system updates effortlessly and keep your operations running with the latest technology improvements.

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As easy as 1, 2, 3

evalink talos web-based platform is designed with a simple UI and process features that can be customized to your team’s work style instantly. Reduce the time spent on installation and configuration with tutorials and guides.

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A safe haven for your data

evalink is fully compliant with the highest standards in the alarm industry (EN, VdS, ISO). As a cloud-based model, it offers more reliability, security, and transparency than on-premises solutions. Your data is safely stored at all times.

The benefits you will love

Get started instantly

Manage alarms on the fly using preconfigured, standardized categories of alarms such as burglaries, fires, floods, or malfunctions. Customize each category to your needs and create new ones as you need them.

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Scale as you grow

Adjust your operations anytime the way you need without making big decisions in advance or mobilizing extra resources. The evalink platform got you covered: Its underlying cloud infrastructure and micro-service architecture can handle a change of workloads at no capacity limits.

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Be (really) available 24/7 and flexible

Run your operations from anywhere simply from your browser and always with peace of mind. evalink talos runs on a multi-region and redundant data centers set-up so you’ll never face downtime again. Never lose your focus on the job again: evalink provides a full set of automation tools for alarm verification that will significantly limit the number of nuisance and false alarms.

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Improve your reputation

Turn your security operations into a well-managed, powerful and impressive system that your teams will love and that your clients can rely on. Less downtime, more focus on taking the best decisions.

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Simple to deploy, immediate pressure relief on your business’ resources.

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