The only automated and cloud-based alarm management platform you can trust.

evalink talos connects your operations with automation technology so you never again miss an alarm that impacts your reputation.

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Manage any alerts or events

Connect compatible protocols - SIA DC-09, VdS 2465, VdS-SecurIP, FlexC or devices - alarm panels, tracking systems, cameras and access control to evalink talos, and manage alarms without changing your existing operations.

Build smart workflow

Create smart and seamless workflow based on your business’ needs and let evalink talos relevantly connect resources with people for an immediate response.

Get alerts in real-time

See alarms in real-time that need your attention, prevent unnecessary mobilization and stay focused on priorities. Keep your team in the loop on the progress of intervention.

Reliability, security and transparency

evalink talos meets all the required high-risk alarm standards. Combined with its cloud-based model, the platform offers more security and reliability than classical on-premises solutions and is always available. 

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"Every alarm message requires the full attention of our employees. Now they can focus on real alarms and much more efficiently protect the objects and values of our customers. Thanks to the high degree of automation and digitalization of our processes, evalink opens completely new growth prospects, as we can secure many more objects with the same number of staff in the control center."
Romuald Kowalik, Founder Secontec
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For more than 30 years, we’ve been innovating and providing trusted solutions that guarantee safety and protection for thousands of businesses, assets and people with total peace of mind.

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The only end-to-end certified cloud-based alarm management platform in the world.

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