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Together for a safer world

We’re on a mission to democratize security by connecting technology with people to better protect lives and valuables.

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Our expertise is brought by over three decades of experience in the security industry, developing better and simpler solutions for businesses around the world.

evalink is an ecosystem designed to simplify any businesses with powerful yet, easy to use technology. Every day, we work to make lives and valuables around the world safer by developing efficient alarm transmission and management solutions, creating better customer experiences and building trustworthy relationships with our customers and partners.

Our story

evalink comes from Sitasys, founded in the summer of 2012 by Peter Monte. The idea back then was to bring 30 years of experience in the security industry and innovation to help installers commission alarm panels in a simpler way. This is when evalink live, the all-in-one IP-based platform was created and constituted the first building block of today’s evalink ecosystem.

Then, solving our clients’ problems by turning complex systems into simple solutions that everybody loves has become our motto.

We envisioned to democratize access to alarm management and give users the keys to managing their security operations and applications from a centralized platform. We also believed in the power of cloud-based technology within SaaS models to accelerate the digitalization of alarm management.

Born out of the need for a flexible and modular system to handle large amounts of data and two-way communication between alarms and people in real-time from everywhere, evalink talos quickly scaled up and reached more businesses.

Today, we are proud to provide businesses a complete solution that covers the whole value chain in the security industry - and more.

And we are very excited about what’s coming next.

Behind the story

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Peter Monte

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Boris Stern

Chief Business Development Officer

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Lukas Kaiser

Chief Product Officer

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Emil von Wattenwyl

Chief Technology Officer

What we master


We work together with our customers and partners to deliver the highest quality of services with the best possible experiences. And always with a smile.


We surf on simplicity to provide instant and direct access to our platform, tools and resources and help our users get the best out of their evalink.


We are innovators with a (big) passion for technology. Technology is our pillar, and we work hard to ensure everything we provide is available, accessible and reliable for everyone.

Want to join?

Cloud-based software geniuses or communication heroes, we are always looking for passionate individuals to join our expanding team of evalink members.

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Our brand

Aligned with evalink’s vision and aspirations, we developed a brand identity that is easy to use, flexible across applications, and able to represent our unique service offering.


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