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New evalink features and platform updates.

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Sep 1, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.50 - Improvements

Resolved a small issue during the evalink talos signup process

Aug 26, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.45 - Improvements

Added support for automated SG-System-X (III, IV, V) signal forwarding setup via

Aug 25, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.43 - Improvements
  • You can now exactly configure the way notifications are build for the Sitasys XML Integration
  • Talos now allows user to stay logged in for longer than 30days without doing a re-login
  • You can now use {{ alarmShareLink() }} in text templates to generate a link to the alarm valid for 60 minutes
  • Vanderbilt SPC Live Audio can now be re-played while working on an alarm
  • Vanderbilt SPC Live Audio is now even closer to real-time (less delay)
  • You can now inspect the TNA input/output state on the Virtual TNA Receiver Tab.

Aug 12, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.24 - Improvement
  • Allow customization of the Alarm Report PDF
  • Make SLA changes from SPx to DP custom possible

Aug 11, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.21 - Improvement

Its now possible to use variables in workflow step descriptions to show the operator dynamic instructions.

Aug 9, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.20 - Features
  • Introduction of "Custom Fields" - allowing you to globally manage all custom fields that you need to configure on your sites in addition to the ones provided by evalink talos -> Site Settings
Aug 6, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.18 - Features
  • Introduction of a new flag "Operator" for additional site data - when enabled the data entry will be shown to the operator on the workflow screen
  • The Virtual DC09 Receiver & Virtual VdS Receiver integrations now support an "ignore alarm description from device" option in cases where you'd like to use the standard descriptions instead
Release 2.4.18 - Improvements
  • Contact ID 406 Cancel and 408 Quick Arm are now ignored per default in order to not pop up on the operator screen (same behavior as 400, 401, 402, 403, 405, 407, 409)
  • The default Arm Status now properly has -61H (VdS restore) for Disarm and +61H (VdS alarm) for Arm - which is the common use on VdS panels and inverted to common Contact ID / SIA usage
Aug 2, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.16 - Feature

evalink talos now integrates with - this integration automates the setup of Customers to simplify the use of in combination with evalink talos.

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Jul 27, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.15 - Improvements
  • 61H (VdS open/close) replaces 62H in the default Arm Status

Jul 26, 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.14 - Improvements
  • Automated steps in manual workflows now always finish execution immediately (was rarely delayed by up to 30s)