6 reasons to choose evalink talos for your next alarm management system

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What makes evalink talos so unique as a cloud-based alarm management platform? How can evalink talos take your security operations to the next level? ⁠If you're thinking about modernizing your security operations, here are six reasons why evalink talos is the right tool for your business. Let's jump right in.

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1. Leverage the advantages of the cloud

Many well-established alarm management systems are based on legacy technology frameworks, which are not exactly suited for the cloud environment. In most cases, only migrating such systems into the cloud will result in higher costs and lower availability. That creates frustration and an aversion within organizations. Taking full advantage of cloud services and benefits requires a native cloud architecture that is serverless and microservices-based for flexibility and quality-driven development. The architecture of evalink is designed redundantly, which guarantees the highest availability of all offered services.

2. Faster time to market

Cloud service providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) now offer more than 8,000 services such as machine learning, facial recognition, and security services to protect data that developers can implement. With new features appearing on the market faster than ever, this is a tremendous advantage. Since not all new functions have to be developed, cloud services offer a speed advantage compared to traditional alarm management systems.

3. Benefit from managed platforms

Cloud-based platforms have become standard in many industries because the advantages are apparent and have convinced many decision-makers. Nowadays, well-trained IT specialists who can take care of infrastructure operations and security are hard to find. However, they are essential for professional security companies. Managed platforms address precisely these types of challenges. A team of highly skilled engineers ensures the 24/7 operation of the platform and frequently implements new features without downtime. Security is complex and can seriously harm the business when not considered an ongoing process. IT security also requires specialists with the fundamental knowledge to ensure that the system and its data are always protected. No hardware and almost unlimited scalability are other exciting features that managed platforms bring to the table.

4. Get value out of your data

In the security industry, we face an explosion of data. Everyone knows that data can provide new insights and intelligent ways to serve customer needs. Unfortunately, many security companies cannot use their data because their traditional systems do not prepare the data for sophisticated use. As soon as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or advanced analytics become necessary, cloud-based alarm management platforms like evalink are the right place for data aggregation, preparation, and visualization.

5. Efficiency based on automation

As a complex process, alarm management is very often handled manually. The high number of false alarms requires constant attention from the operators to ensure customer protection. evalink provides a complete set of automation tools that drives tremendous efficiency into security organizations. 

Various tools are available for this purpose: 

  • Alarm verification through video, audio, and text-to-speech capabilities
  • Customer/installer portal for digital interaction and updated data
  • Integrated marketplace for interaction with other systems to complete customer service
  • Flexible and easily configurable workflows
  • Analytic and machine learning applications for continuous improvement

6. Marketplace for holistic security services

Security companies are challenged by numerous systems and various protocols that should be connected to the alarm monitoring system. Customers increasingly expect a holistic approach to security services that require the interaction of many systems. Our evalink marketplace is precisely built for that. All systems published on evalink.io are ready to use all evalink features.

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Going digital? Choose evalink talos.

Conventional systems cannot deliver the above advantages, or only partially. Of course, it depends on the vision and strategy of a security company. Maybe a traditional alarm management system fits into your roadmap. But if your vision includes a digital transformation strategy based on services, cloud-based alarm management platforms are our recommendation.

About Sitasys

Sitasys AG is an innovative Swiss company with many years of experience in the security industry. We develop the world's most innovative alarm management platform to make people's lives and values safer. evalink is revolutionizing the way alarms are managed by connecting teams in an automated manner and providing all the right information at the right time to ensure the fastest help in case of an emergency. evalink talos integrates seamlessly with many systems and services with its powerful integration service. We attach great importance to a modern culture where everyone can develop and prove themselves.

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