evalink teams up with Brivo to manage physical security the simplest way

Partnering up with Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based access control and security platforms for commercial and private properties since 2001, locking and unlocking doors can now be made in just a few clicks from everywhere using the cloud-based alarm management platform evalink talos.

Langendorf, July 23rd, 2021. The efficiency of users' access control has yet just been increased: Combining the best of both worlds, alarm management, and access control, the two cloud-based platforms evalink talos and Brivo, have decided to merge their powers: Brivo is now available in the evalink marketplace for all evalink talos users. Through its innovative and scalable access control platform, Brivo for evalink talos allows users to automate the security and management of facilities. With the ability of managing security and access control remotely, users can safeguard buildings from unauthorized access and thereby prevent further damage from theft or heist.


Following this equation for success, Brivo and evalink officially announced their partnership by launching the Brivo integration for evalink talos in early June this year. According to Lukas Kaiser, Product Owner of evalink talos, adding a solution like Brivo to the evalink marketplace makes absolute sense as access control is an integral part of physical security.

"Integrating access control with alarm management enables users to profit from the strengths of both applications because they can build complete and integrated solutions. Everything can be managed highly efficiently and seamlessly in solely one application. As a consequence, users can create more powerful solutions that add value compared to using each of the applications independently."
Lukas Kaiser, Product Owner of evalink talos

Joint forces for a more holistic approach to physical security

With Brivo, access control can be integrated into automated as well as semi-automated action plans. As evalink talos offers a wide range of integrations built for its alarm management platform, users can combine and connect them, making workflows more consistent, easier, and more efficient.

Here are some examples of what can be done with workflows combining alarm management, video management, and access control:

  • Opening doors or gates for deliveries
  • Checking an intercom and opening a door if the person on the other end is allowed to enter
  • Automatically disarming alarm systems when Brivo Smart Locks are unlocked by presenting valid access information
  • Automatically issuing a mobile access pass/one-time digital key to a guard via the Brivo App or SMS to allow him to enter a customer facility temporarily (e.g., for an emergency or checking up on an alarm)
  • Initiating a lockdown of an area or a whole building after a panic alarm was triggered

The benefits that result from this range from better visibility with advanced analysis and a more comprehensive view of a monitored environment to having a cloud-based access control platform that can be managed from any device. On top of that, users get to profit from an advanced identity and access management (IAM) that entails video surveillance and event tracking. Brivo Access Control for evalink talos helps users improve their incident response and thereby better protect their properties, people and reputations.

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