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Welcome to evalink

The evalink brand guidelines showcase elements that bring our personality and aspirations to life.



Aligned with evalink’s vision and aspirations, we developed a brand identity that is easy to use, flexible across applications, and able to represent our unique service offering.

How to use this guide

All of the evalink brand features are copyrighted. If you opt to use any logos, designs, and/or other brand features, you agree to not alter or misuse any assets that would harm evalink’s image. Used globally for all communication media, the brand guidelines ensure the distinctive and consistent appearance of our brand across all applications.

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The brand

evalink is an automated cloud-based alarm management solution that helps businesses make more proactive decisions.

Since 2012, we work with a common passion for driving digital transformation in the alarm industry by turning highly complex systems into simple workflows that everyone loves. Through its safe self-service infrastructure, evalink enables more self-monitoring and intelligent integrations along the security chain to easily protect people and assets at all times.

Whenever we were able to make someone's day easier, it was a good day.

Our story

Voice and tone

evalink is simple, trustworthy, and innovative.

We use unique and consistent assets to convey that we are agile, flexible, and thriving for our customers’ success. Our communication is transparent, positive, driven and enthusiastic to share our innovations.

Social Media

evalink is present on LinkedIn and YouTube only. Our username is @evalink on both platforms. Whenever you publish content about us, please always mention us by typing @evalink. Common hashtags we recommend using are #alarmmanagement, #evalink, #automation and #alarming.


Masterbrand lockup

This is the evalink logo and wordmark and should be used whenever the evalink brand is to be included in any content. There should be sufficient clear space around the logo. The letter e of the evalink logo should be used as placeholder.

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Masterbrand logo

This is the evalink symbol and may be used without the evalink wordmark. There should be sufficient clear space around the logo. The letter e of the evalink logo should be used as a placeholder.

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Monochromatic versions

The logo may appear in only three color choices: black, white or the selected blues. Do not use any other colors in presenting the logo or alter these color selections in any way - such as incorporating a tint, a fade or other devices. First image: positive; Second image: negative; Third image: colored.

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When applying the evalink logo, think of the contrast between the background colour and the logo itself. Aim for the logo to be at its most visible, with a background colour that contrasts clearly. When the logo is used on a background that is darker than 50% grey, you should reverse the type to white for legibility.

Download evalink logoDownload Sitasys logo


This section provides guidance to partners on the appropriate use of the evalink logo and visual brand alongside partner branding. We believe that well-executed co-branding can strategically help two (or more) organizations to grow together. 

Co-branded logos are used when partners offer evalink products and solutions to their customers. Partners may use the evalink official partner logo only as specified within these guidelines to co-brand their own marketing materials. 

We appreciate your partnership and know that you will share the responsibility of maintaining the positive experience associated with the evalink brand. Our team stands right by you when you need to review co-branding options. Feel free to email us at communication@sitasys.com. 

Where to co-brand

Co-branding may appear on marketing materials developed with an evalink business partner. evalink-led co-branded materials feature the evalink logo on the left and the partner logo on the right. Partner-led cobranded materials feature the partner logo on the left and the evalink logo on the right.

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Logo placement

For online materials (such as emails and websites), place the logo in the upper-left corner. For print materials, place the logo in the lower-left or lower-right corner. The preferred placement is always horizontal.

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Color standards

Co-branded logos can appear in full color, black ,or reversed white. Guidelines for background colors are the same as for the evalink corporate logo. If appropriate, a partner’s corporate color may be used as the background color. All logo standards and guidelines apply.

Logo wall

Co-branding works best with 2 equal partners. If more than 3 parties are involved - or if the relationship among them is not equal - try using another treatment instead, like a logo wall. Partners may use the evalink logo only as specified within these guidelines to co-brand their own marketing materials.

Download official partner logo


Where possible, these are to be used on all marketing and external applications. 

Roboto Black

Our primary display font. It should be lowercase and used for headings - 22pt or larger.

Roboto Medium

Our primary sub-headings, call-outs, and spaces that require a more attention-grabbing font. It should be lowercase - 16pt - 21pt.

Roboto light

Our secondary sub-headings. It should be lowercase - 12pt - 16pt.


Our primary body font. It should be used for all body copy and lowercase - 12pt or smaller. 


Roboto Typefaces Family should be used in small caps only. The bold weight should be used with caution to add emphasis, not for entire blocks or headline text.