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21 Sep 2022
evalink talos
  • Added support for dedicated "User" fields on all alarms, when talos detects a user id being sent in an alarm it will now store it in the user field, which can be queried when looking up alarms
  • Added a new advanced alarm option to automatically clear the zone field when the zone information represents a "user" id in the original alarm to have a more clear distinction between users and zones
  • The Vanderbilt SPC Receiver now allows changing the mode for all zones individually even if they aren't in an alarm state
  • Operators now get a popup when they're already actively working on an alarm, and get a new workflow assigned by a supervisor
  • Workflows now support rich text comments, intended to give the operator additional instructions that are always viewable
  • Workflows can now be overridden and changed temporarily.
  • SPC + Galaxy panel passwords can now be revealed with a password visibility toggle
  • You can now use predefined text blocks when creating new jobs
  • Alarm users are now properly forwarded via DC-09 + surgard in case the user is specified in a non-zone field.

13 Sep 2022
evalink devices
Release 3.1.0
  • Introduction of 'TNA Mode' to allow for easy commissioning & operation
  • Adapted the EN54-21 Mode to allow for a more flexible configuration
  • If an actor is configured with a special function (i.e., Uncritical Fault), its state is now clearly marked with 'Activated' or 'Inactive'
  • If Loop Supervision is used, the necessary resistor configuration can be displayed on the corresponding page
  • Connection (re-)establishment is around 3x faster now (i.e., a TNA Connect has Mobile established in 33s after power-on)
Serial Forwarding
  • Added the 'Live View' tab, which shows data received by the TNA in real-time
Mobile Routing
  • Unified the configuration, it can now be enabled/disabled from the Integrations page.

29 Aug 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.419


  • Introduction of "Jobs", which allow you to register tasks that need to be handled on specific sites and can be used like a small ticketing system within talos; check it out here
  • Introduction of "Chats + Channels", which allow your user to send each other text messages (accessible by pressing the new "message" button on the top right)
  • Workflows can now be started directly from the alarms view (accessible as a submenu of the "Trigger Alarm" action)


  • SPC Vanderbilt 3.6.5 Firmwares can now connect via FlexC, but only to 1 receiver IP for Ethernet + GPRS (e.g.,
  • Resolved an issue that causes a blank page on the first time accessing integrations in a share link.

16 Aug 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.392


  • Introduction of "next generation alarms", which is the next generation alarm view that can be enabled in the advanced alarm settings in your company (Not recommended for production accounts yet)
  • Operators can now "switch" to another workflow directly from the alarm handling window by clicking on the workflow name at the top left without canceling the workflow first
  • The alarm queue can now be filtered by site / alarm type / alarm code
  • The list of open alarm types is now visible on top of the alarm list, giving you a better overview of the amount of work in the alarm queue
  • All alarm conditions now support a new "Site Group is ..." condition.


  • Improved the layout of workflow & schedule pages, adding a search and making the "create" buttons more accessible.

11 Aug 2022
evalink devices
  • Sensors and Actors are configurable
  • New section "Installed Modules" shows all connected modules/peripherals
  • The time to take over a web server session is reduced to 1-2s
  • Integration page for 'Smart Power Supply' (Dycon) to monitor the power supply status
  • Full support for transmission, reporting and remote actor switching
Serial Forwarding (renamed from RS-232 Forwarding)
  • Added support for RS-485 and RS-422
  • Added 'backup separator' to split the data if > 1000 characters
Remote Access
  • Added support for RS-485 and RS-422
  • Access to FKS (Factory Key Server) is fixed
  • Default topics for MQTT set
  • Removed the limitation of 5 leases on the DHCP server
  • Removed cyclic event log upload functionality.

10 Aug 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.382
  • Added a new widget in the center of "next generation manual workflows" that displays the operator's outstanding activity on the site: Open Alarms / Parked Workflows / In-Progress Workflows.

4 Aug 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.366


  • Alarms forwarded to NXGEN for clip retrieval / auto streaming are now configurable on the integration
  • Workspaces can now be whitelisted to specific operators, and every operator can get a default workspace assigned
  • Criteria mappings can now make use of alarm expressions to set the alarm zone/partition dynamically. e.g. DigitalSensor.1 = FA { zone = 1, zoneName = Fire Zone }


  • Operator remarks are now stored on the backend when parking, so other operators can seamlessly continue the workflow again with already prepared remarks
  • Sites with a dash in the Site ID can now be searched properly by entering the full ID
  • Added a new search field to search integrations on the integrations page
  • Removed the "New Events" popup during alarm handling for next-generation manual workflows, will be replaced in the next release with a compact "Info" box
  • Next generation workflow "call" steps now keep the call progress even after parking/page reload before completing the step
  • Next-generation manual workflows can no longer be parked while they contain unacknowledged alarms
  • NXGEN attachments now properly load when opened from share links
  • Alarms that trigger NXGEN clip retrieval / live streaming can now be configured in the nxgen integration settings
  • Added missing translations for next-generation manual workflows
  • Operator instructions on workflow steps that are already completed are now still visible if the operator selects the "already done" step again during alarm handling
  • Galaxy SIA remote control now works with a TCP proxy making sure that all remote command connections come from "", this allows you to do remote control for panels that only support whitelisting a single IP.

21 Jul 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.341


Operators can now enable "Autofeed" on the alarm page, which constantly feeds the operator with new alarms

First experimental implementation of VdS output switching from talos

Next generation manual workflows now support putting parked workflows back in the alarm queue


  • Workflow parking is now visible in event logs + workflow history
  • TNA serial channel character encoding can now be configured per TNA (to support various character sets)
  • When next-generation manual workflows are enabled, you can now configure the "call attempts" for every operator call step
  • Surgard modifiers are now properly passed through via alarm dispatcher
  • Sites can no longer be deleted while they still have active connections, to delete a site, you need to disable all connections first
  • Global statuses are now grouped by status role instead of name per default (can be changed with the "Group by Status Role" toggle).

12 Jul 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.331


  • Twilio VoiP calls now show up in the event log of a site
  • The alarm handling window now contains a new "gear" button which opens all custom fields of the current site
  • Next generation manual workflows now guide the operator through calls steps (automatic success/unreachable with VoiP integration, automatic moving to next contact)


  • "Close Workflow" remarks are nowc also visible in the event log
  • When using the "codeword search" to create an IN-CALL alarm for a site the active voip call is now automatically assigned to the site
  • IN-CALL alarms are not suppressed anymore when a site is in test mode
  • The "Assigned Alarms" section in the alarm handling window has been adjusted to handle long alarm texts better
  • Common buttons on the alarm handling window can now be triggered with Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4, Alt+5, Alt+6
  • TNA Remote Access should be more stable with an improved evalink talos driver version.

4 Jul 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.313
  • Dynamic Contacts now support selecting contacts directly (instead of only contact lists)
  • Dynamic Contacts can now select a contact based on the Site ZIP (e.g., to configure polices responsible for certain ZIP areas).