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7 Apr 2022
evalink devices
Firmware Release 2.5.0
  • ICMP can be enabled/disabled (ICMP = ping; if TNA should answer to that)
  • Reworked error page when multiple clients try to connect at the same time
  • Adapted designs for:
    • Dashboard
    • Mobile page
    • Settings page
    • ICMP Supervision page
    • Removed APN table upload functionality
RS-232 Forwarding
  • Allows customers to forward any serial data to evalink talos (i.e. additional data from alarm panels, a sensor...any RS-232 device basically)
ESPA 4.4.4
  • Can now be configured from the webserver
  • Support for certificates in PFX format
  • Client connections are detected and logged
TNA Connect
  • Support for additional USB to Ethernet adapters
  • Mobile routing and MQTT can now be used at the same time on the eth1 interface
  • RAS-GMA is now named 'Remote Access' to be consistent with evalink talos
  • Some improvements regarding the Dycon integration.

1 Apr 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.74 - Improvements
  • Resolved an issue that caused long VoIP calls to be hung up unexpectedly.

31 Mar 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.71 - Improvements
  • Alarms displayed in the "events" pages are now ordered by time of arrival instead of alarm time, this makes it easier to troubleshoot and track incoming events when the alarm panels are not time-synchronized properly
  • Contact lists with global contacts now load properly on share links
  • Resolved an issue that caused the visual schedule editor to not load properly sometimes
  • Saving PDF settings on a site no longer shows an error even tough the save was successful (only applicable for some site configurations).

29 Mar 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.67 - Features
  • Administrators can now self-manage their installer companies here
  • You can now use the !RP, !CL, !302 format to stop ignoring/rejecting alarms on specific sites
  • Introduction of a new workflow step: "Retrieve Alarms" - which can be used to retrieve other alarms from the alarm history of the site
Release 2.5.67 - Improvements
  • Automated workflows no longer create a duplicate alarm when sending an alarm to the user interface with the "Send to UI" step
  • Vanderbilt SPC alarms without SIA or CID code now include the default alarm description as sent by the alarm panel
Release 2.5.67 - Alarm Dispatcher
  • The alarm dispatcher now supports forwarding only specific alarm codes (supports alarm expressions like * { headers.dispatch = true })
  • The alarm dispatcher now supports defining monitoring stations that can receive alarms directly from workflows
  • Introduction of a new workflow step: "Send to Monitoring Station" - which can be used together with the feature above
  • All remaining alarm categories are now selectable as alarm types on the alarm dispatcher
Release 2.5.67 - Ajax Hub Beta

Beta availability of a new integration with Ajax, Ajax Hubs connected to the Virtual SIA DC-09 Receiver can now be enhanced with pictures and remote arm/disarm capabilities. To configure this feature go to your integrations here in your evalink talos account - and configure your Ajax username/password on the Virtual SIA DC-09 Receiver integration. After that you can go to your sites with Ajax hubs connected via DC09, and add the correct Ajax Hub IDs on the Virtual SIA DC-09 Receiver configuration. You'll then start receiving alarms with pictures and are able to remotely arm/disarm the Ajax Hub.

Note: To work properly all connected Ajax Hubs must be shared with your Ajax Account!

24 Mar 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.54 - Site Templates

Introduction of Site Templates - Site Templates can be configured here. Site templates allow you to define YAML templates with standard resources to streamline the process of creating new sites. To get started quickly you can also convert an existing site of yours into a site template using the "From existing Site" functionality.

Release 2.5.54 - Features
  • General availability for the Virtual Alwon Receiver
  • Beta availability for the Virtual Fibro Receiver
  • Beta availability for the new Virtual Galaxy Receiver
  • Beta availability for the new Virtual Intelbras Receiver.
  • The alarm rate limiter now blocks spamming alarms for up to 3 hours (in increments of 15 minutes) if an alarm keeps spamming continuously
  • You can now isolate and de-isolate Vanderbilt SPC zones directly from evalink talos
  • The Alarm dispatcher SIA DC-09 forwarding now supports a flag to disable sequence checks on acknowledgements to support a wider range of receivers
  • The Alarm dispatcher SIA DC-09 forwarding now supports unencrypted SIA DC-09 communication in case the monitoring station doesn't support encryption.

10 Mar 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.26 - Alarm Rate Limiting

Introduction of an alarm rate limiting feature which will automatically detect and throttle faulty alarms. This is an important feature so that we can guarantee the availability and performance for all our customers.

The alarm rate limiter mechanism works as follows (always in the context of one site):

  1. An alarm is identified by his alarm code + alarm zone + partition + alarm value (alarm/restore) combination
  2. When a given alarm is sent more than 25 times within 15 minutes, talos will blacklist the alarm for 15 minutes and suppress further repetitions of that exact alarm
  3. When the 25 alarms per 15 minute threshold is crossed talos will generate an event log entry and an informational alarm, to inform the operator about the triggered spam-suppression
  4. The operator can at any time reset the spam-suppression directly from the generated event log entry.
Release 2.5.26 - Workflow Engine V3
  • The Workflow Engine V3 is now enabled per default for all customers that haven't already turned it on. This new engine offers more features and greatly increases the amount of parallel workflows that you can run. V3 is fully compatible with V2, so you shouldn't notice any difference in the way your workflows are executed. Should any problems arise for one of your workflows you can temporarily go back to V2 from your evalink talos account.

7 Mar 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.21 - Features
  • Beta version of the new Virtual ALWON Receiver
  • Alpha version of the new Virtual Fibro Receiver
  • ARC Company Administrators can now specify the permissions of their evalink talos Installer Portal installers
  • The Sites list can now be filtered by installer (when installer companies are available).

28 Feb 2022
evalink talos

Release 2.5.15 - Features

  • Company administrators can now manage their own alarm dispatcher monitoring stations - allowing them to connect their evalink talos tenant to 3rd party systems on their own. At the same time we're deprecating the existing alarm forwarding integrations (DC-09 ARC integration, Sur-Gard forwarding integration, Sitasys XML Standard integration), meaning you can no longer create new connections using those 3 integrations.
  • TNA Outputs can now be toggled directly from the Virtual TNA Receiver UI.

18 Feb 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.5.5 - Improvements
  • New text template filters available: {{ alarm.payload | bytes | hex | decodeHex | base64 | decodeBase64 | toString }}
  • The date filter in text templates now uses the site timezone instead of UTC when no time zone was provided: {{ alarm.timestamp | date }}
  • It's now possible to login with the Nxgen Partner Login via

8 Feb 2022
evalink talos
Release 2.4.198 - Improvements
  • Site sharing now supports a "Manage Custom Fields" permissions for when the link owner needs to adjust external configurations.