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5 janv. 2022
evalink talos
Alarm Rate Limiting

Introduction of a new alarm rate limiting feature which will automatically detect and throttle faulty alarms. This important feature update guarantees the availability and performance for all our users.

The alarm rate limiter mechanism works as follows (always in the context of one site):

  1. An alarm is identified by his alarm code + alarm zone + partition + alarm value (alarm/restore) combination
  2. When a given alarm is sent more than 10 times within 5 minutes, evalink talos will blacklist the alarm for 15 minutes and suppress further repetitions of that exact alarm
  3. When the 10 alarms per 5 minute threshold is crossed evalink talos will generate an event log entry and an informational alarm, to inform the operator about the triggered spam-suppression
  4. The operator can at any time reset the spam-suppression directly from the event log entry

We'll not immediately activate the spam-suppression, instead we'll let the new mechanism run in a "detect only" mode for some time to see how it behaves.

In this mode, the spam detection is enabled, and when the spam-threshold was crossed you'll see an event log entry in your event log, but no alarms will be suppressed.

Once we're confident that the mechanism is working fine for all the different kind of workloads that we have on our platform we'll also activate the spam-suppression, at which point you'll then start receiving AlarmLimitExceeded alarms if the spam-suppression was triggered on a given site.

API Rate Limiting

Introduction of a new rate limiting feature which will prevent any client (user or API token) to make more than 5 concurrent requests.

Release 2.4.163 - Features
  • It's now possible to configure multiple email servers for the email integration, this allows you to use different email servers on a per site or per site group base
  • The alarm dispatcher can now be used to forward alarms to different talos ARC companies
  • It's now possible to include alarm texts and temporary alarm share links when forwarding alarms via alarm dispatcher + surgard.
Release 2.4.163 - Improvements
  • Added a new link shortener functionality to evalink talos, this will ensure that temporary alarm links stay short and readable and make evalink talos link forwarding compatible with all 3rd party alarm management software (before the links could be up to 300 character long exceeding length limitations)
  • Details of specific test modes are now directly visible on the site overview page
  • Enabling MFA in your company now automatically logs you out to complete the setup.

15 déc. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.152 - Improvements
  • Prevent automatic logout in case of internal communication troubles within the system.

15 déc. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.150 - Features

Introducing evalink talos alarm dispatcher platform.

The alarm dispatcher is a new platform within evalink talos which connects evalink talos companies to external central monitoring stations by connecting to external alarm managements software via common alarming protocols.

Once an external central monitoring station is connected to the alarm dispatcher platform it is able to receive alarms from any evalink talos companies they work with in any of the supported protocols.

The alarm dispatcher supports the following features:

  • Alarm forwarding to external monitoring stations in multiple protocols, currently we support Dc09, Surgard IP and Sitasys ArcXml, more protocols are coming.
  • Alarm forwarding to multiple monitoring stations in a sequence, in case the primary monitoring station isn't picking up the alarm
  • Alarm forwarding to multiple monitoring stations in parallel in case multiple organizations need to get an alarm
  • Alarm routing based on the alarm type, example: monitoring station 1 gets all fire alarms, all other alarms go to monitoring station 2
  • Automatic forwarding of a share link to the monitoring station when there is video available on the alarm (currently only supported when the monitoring station is connected via Dc09)
  • Automatic escalation via Phone or/and Email when a monitoring station is disconnected to quickly inform them about the connection troubles
  • Automatic escalation via Phone or/and Email when an alarm cannot be forwarded, so that the monitoring station can receive the alarm via an alternate path.

Typical use cases for using the alarm dispatcher:

  • A monitoring station wants to migrate to using evalink talos as its alarm management platform, but still want to get the alarms in my old software during the migration process
  • A monitoring station using evalink talos to receive alarms typically couldn't receive but want to keep its existing software for the time being
  • An installer/enterprise usually connecting alarm panels directly to evalink talos and now want to forward some alarms to an external monitoring station
  • A service provider providing connectivity services using evalink talos and can now easily manage alarm routing of their customers using the alarm dispatcher.
Release 2.4.150 - Improvements
  • Workflow sections can now be collapsed/expanded to improve the editor experience working with large workflows
    • Tip: Press Shift + Collapse/Expand to collapse/expand all sub-sections of a workflow section
  • Added new check to make sure users aren't getting logged out of talos when working on a bad mobile connection.

29 nov. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.127 - Features

The Twilio VoIP Calls now allows you to utilize multiple phone numbers (configurable on the integration settings on the integration page).

With this feature you can bring different business phone numbers to evalink talos (for example Private Customers, Enterprise Customers, Monitoring Station, Tech Support).

  • You can assign a configured phone number to a site or site group so that contacts of that site will always be called with the specified phone number
  • You see the called phone number directly on your screen for incoming and outgoing calls, making it easier to get an idea what the call is about
  • When calling back a caller, talos automatically uses the same number as was called initially
  • You see the phone number used to do a given call directly on the call list / missed calls list
  • For every phone number you can define a fallback phone number, callers will be redirected to this fallback when no operator is available
Release 2.4.127 - Improvements
  • When you select an alarm definition on a virtual receiver that doesn't contain an alarm talos will now fall back to use the default definitions (unless the selected definition has rejectUnknown = true).

23 nov. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.117 - Features
  • All native IP Receivers (DC09/FlexC/VdS/TNA) now support the SP2(25H) and DP1(25H, 50H) SLAs
  • Share Links with the "Edit Integrations" permissions can now edit Zones/Partitions/Criteria Mappings/Alarm Supervisions of a Site to complete an alarm panel setup.

27 oct. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.89 - Features
  • Automated Twilio Calls are now available in the following languages: English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano (new), Español (new), Portugues (new), Dutch (new), Dansk (new)
  • You can now export a CSV file of all your configured sites on https://talos.evalink.io/devices (available as a menu option on the top right corner)
  • You can now export a CSV report of your costs associated with automated phone calls by going to https://talos.evalink.io/en/company-admin/integrations, on Twilio Automated Calls press the 3 dots and click the Generate CSV Calls Report action.3

20 oct. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.80 - Features
  • It's now possible to easily monitor periodic alarms like test messages (RP, 602, 02H) with the new Alarm Supervision feature available on the site level
  • WebHooks that are opened in a web browser now display a user-clickable button to trigger the alarm
  • WebHooks now support the application/xml content-type for requests
Release 2.4.80 - Improvements
  • You can now access the current loop counter of the "Repetition Counter" step via loopCounter.loop

1 oct. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.72 - Improvements

Improved authentication handling to make sure users are never logged out when there is a temporary problem with Auth0.

10 sept. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.60 - Improvements
  • Configured Criteria Mappings are now directly selectable when configuring Alarm-Code conditions on a Site (as in workflows / test mode etc.)
  • DC09 Alarms in SIA-DCS format with type "O" (old event) are now parsed properly - before evalink talos would only parse type "N" (new event)
  • Links that open a Site in a new Tab now navigate to the expected page for non-English languages
  • "Open a Website" steps can now embed the page directly into the workflow to reduce operator clicks
  • The payload of an alarm can now be easily viewed and copy-pasted
  • The alarm zone can now be specified in global wait-for-alarm steps
  • Introduced new alarm type for all Bypass alarms.

1 sept. 2021
evalink talos
Release 2.4.50 - Improvements

Resolved a small issue during the evalink talos signup process.